Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I always wanted a boy.

Girls freak me out. They're weird. I should know. I am one.

So I always wanted a boy. When I decided I wanted a kid, that is, which was in my early 30's. Before then all I wanted was a few cats and maybe a dog. But the more I thought about a boy or girl baby, I wanted a boy.

I hate pink, by the way.

When I found out I was having a boy, I told my husband he was in charge of all things male. Such as explaining male parts, the birds and the bees (maybe - I don't know if I trust my husband to do a good job on this one), and helping him figure things out down there. And potty training. Or, at least, he has to potty train me so I know how to potty train a boy. He tells me little boys sit down to pee. How would I ever know this?

Okay, really, either one of us will tackle these hard topics, and I feel it depends more on who Mateo is feeling closer to at the time. Like the other day, he wanted to give his Daddy his second to last grape while he ate the last grape, and even though I was standing right there, I got nothing.

Last night I was changing Mateo's diaper and getting him ready for bed. As soon as I took his diaper off, his penis shot right up and stayed there. He's had little baby erections before, but he's never cared about them, and they just make diapering a smidge harder because I have to allow for the extra space, which I know is really not needed. I don't feel comfortable shoving his penis downwards even though a nurse told me to do just that. But that was when he was just born, so maybe things change with age.

Mateo was very concerned about what was going on downstairs. I told him it was okay, it'll go down, don't worry, etc. etc. Then I thought, now this is definitely a time for my husband to get involved. So I called him in.

After I told him what was going on, he got very concerned (remember, he's the sucker of the two of us), and told Mateo in an utmost caring voice, "It's okay, it'll go down in a few seconds. I know, it's okay, it'll go down."

Like Mateo understood anything that was going on.

So this begins the boy stuff. And I get to gleefully call my husband in to come explain away anything and everything while I snicker off to the side.

And, just for the record, now that I have my boy, I would love a little girl. And I would take full responsibility for all things girl.

But I still hate pink.

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Kmommy said...

LOL!! Hilarious! For the first time at the Dr's office a few weeks ago, D looked seriously offended when the dr checked him out down there. Dad had to assure him that it was ok.