Thursday, October 30, 2008

My husband, my mom.

I have one winter jacket that fits me. Just one.

I wore it the other day, and when I got home, I tossed it on a box in our hallway because I'm infamous around these parts for not hanging up my clothes.

My cats are infamous for nesting in the clothes I so infamously leave laying around. More so the fluffier of the two cats, Missy Sophia. Missy Sophia thinks I'm her cat god and won't leave me alone unless that little creature is sitting on my lap or next to me. Missy Sophia hates that little creature but loves me.

I think nesting in my clothes is her next best thing to laying on me.


So I really don't care if our cats nest in my clothes. I just wash them. Or get the hair off with one of those tape roller things. Or, sometimes, I even hang up my clothes.

My husband does care. It seems to drive him crazy that I don't care about hanging up my clothes or that our cats nest in my clothes. Most times, even though it drives him nuts, he won't hang up my clothes for me. He just grumbles to the cats about how lazy their mom is. Other times, he will hang up my clothes for me. Either way, I just ignore him.

After a weekend of cats nesting in my winter jacket, he told me on Monday night that I should drop off my jacket to get dry cleaned. Because that cats have been nesting on it. And now it's covered in hair with some litter specks.

I ignored him.

I ignored him more because I have so much to do that fitting in going to the drycleaners just isn't a possibility. Plus, I don't care if the cats nest in my jacket.

Yesterday we were discussing the cold and rainy weather that is soon approaching the Bay Area (finally, I might add) when he said quietly, "You really should take your jacket in."

I looked at him and thought, "Really? You're really going to do this, again?"

He continued, "You know, it's the only winter jacket you have, and it's going to get cold, and the cats have been sleeping on it, and it has litter on it, and, well, you want to present yourself to people well, because litter is dirty, and there is litter all over your jacket, and you should take it in..."

He was speaking to me quietly and sincerely, as if this were a touchy subject and he was gently giving me advice to fix my situation.

"I heard you on Monday, MOM," I told him.

"I'm just saying," he said.

Where is my winter jacket right now? Still on that box, still covered in cat hair and litter. And yes, I will take it in, but first I will remove the cat hair and brush off the litter because it's going to rain tomorrow, it's my only winter coat, and I don't really care that the cats sleep on my clothes.

Case in point:

Missy Sophia, in all her glaring glory, on my pants.

And because I'm an equal opportunity cat mom, here is the other one, Zoe, the more "simple" of the two cats, staring at the light beam from my camera.

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Kmommy said...

LOL!! When I had cats they did the same damn thing. My whole apartment was covered in cat hair. And I didn't care either! :)
By the way, I boo you :) (and not the bad kind of boo, the halloween kind of boo!) :) go check my blog.