Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why does a trip to the pumpkin patch cause flip-outs?

We took Mateo to the pumpkin patch yesterday, which would make it his second trip to the pumpkin patch in all his 20 months on planet earth. Last year he was lugged around by either me or my husband since he couldn't walk yet, and we really didn't want him to get covered in dirt, so crawling was out of the question.

The pumpkin patch we went to last year was rather boring and more like a dirt patch with some pumpkins, so this year we went to Moore's Pumpkin Patch at the Alameda Fairgrounds. Let me tell you, it was WAY better than the other one.

There were rides! (at the cost of 3 bucks per child)

and a large inflatable pumpkin!

and large pumpkins!

and small pumpkins!

And shade! And lots of hay that got stuck to my pants and in my palm, which caused my palm to itch like no body's business!

And power naps! (in the car)

All in all, we had a great time, and we realized that our child is not really timid (although I never truly thought so) because he was all for going on the train ride and the carousel, however, he had to be accompanied by his Daddy since he's too short to ride alone (and he probably wouldn't have gone on them alone, so yeah, maybe he is a tad timid). We left with two smallish pumpkins, and I'll be drawing faces on them later this week.

So. Here's the thing. How come taking your kid, way before his designated nap time, to a fun, new place causes the rest of the day to simply fall apart? He had a power nap in the car, woke up when we got home, was happy to eat some lunch, was happy to be put in his crib, had a poop, started letting us know by blabbering on and on, my husband took care of it, and then after 50 attempts to get that boy back to sleep, he just wouldn't go for it. So he basically had a 10 minute nap that day. Come 5pm, he was having a total mental breakdown, refusing food, refusing milk, refusing his pacifier, refusing to be held, refusing to remain vertical, refusing his woobie, refusing everything and anything and then some.

Finally I had to give up on the idea that he was going to get some food in his belly before going to sleep, took him into his room, and after another 10 minutes of flipping and flopping and screaming his little head off, I grabbed him, forced the pacifier into his mouth so it would stay, he started sucking on it, and then shushed him while patting his butt until he simply gave up and passed out.

He slept from about 5:30 PM to about 6 AM. Never once woke up.

I can't wait for Christmas when he's got to go to two different family celebrations, the first for xmas eve, so he'll be up late, and the second for xmas day, which starts early. And to think I was sad that I had to work the day after xmas. Now I'm not so sure I want to be around him. (Kidding.)


Anonymous said...

The pumpkin farm looks fun! You may be surprised at how much his schedule and needs change in two months. He might be able to have a day here and there where he skips a nap. My youngest is 28 months and goes through phases of needing more sleep/food for a growth spurt, and then she'll be all calm and cool in between. This is such a fun age--enjoy!

Kmommy said...

That pumpkin patch looks awesome!! I should see if there are any around here. Of course I doubt they'll be that fancy ;)
Oh, the long days with little naps means big meltdown at night here too... I don't know what it is. When they are the tiredest is when they fight it (by it I mean everything) the hardest.