Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wow. 800 posts and counting.

So two posts ago was my 800th post. This is my 802ndth post. Or is that 802th? Or 802nd?


My friend M started this blog for me way back in 2005, and that means she created the blog and then said, "Here, write." I'm fairly certain she was getting sick of me emailing her all my BART stories and figured this would shut me up.

The blog was originally about riding BART and more specifically how I got choked by some whackado lady. Go read it for yourself. And no, I never made up a single thing, I really did get choked and yes a bird really did poop on me afterwards. Someone was not liking me that day.

I wrote a lot about BART and the annoying habits of commuters, and I soon realized that people are just plain annoying no matter where they are and these people are just as fun to write about. So I branched out to writing about anything and everything that was happening to me. I even changed my blog name to better describe my life.

Then I bought a condo, had a kid, started writing more and more and more, and the rest is history.

Gooo me!

I realized earlier today that I had posted my 800th post, but I was too annoyed with Internet Explorer and how blogger worked on my work's network (not very well), that I sort of forgot about it. Then I got home and remembered and began to reminisce about the good old days when BART people were driving me crazy and life was so much different.

Just recently I started branching out and became less egocentric and began reading other people's blogs, posting comments and finding other ladies out there whom I have things in common with, whose writing I enjoy reading and whose lives I find interesting.

So basically what started off as a venting spot for me has grown into something bigger. And I think my writing has improved greatly, and so has my voice. So for all of you who come back day after day or every other day or periodically to set me straight about money and politics, and most especially to my momma who keeps reading even though she is probably finding out way more about me than she wants to know, many thanks.

You all rock.


Kmommy said...

:) I can so believe its your 802nd post! You are simply the most prolific blogger out there! Apparently I really enjoy your rantings 'cause I come around to see what's going on w/you on a daily basis ;)
You are a great writer and have definitely found your voice :) in more ways than one. Hurray for over 800 posts!!

Kmommy said...

PS: other people's blogs that I read, I usually just read the latest post to catch up - but yours I actually go read all the posts i've missed if I haven't been around the blogosphere in a few days.