Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The moments we share, ah, they are precious.


I'm driving Mateo home from daycare. On the days I work from home, I always bring with me a sippy cup of the good stuff (water) and some crackers (usually of the graham variety). Today I decided to bring ritz crackers I bought just this morning with Mateo in mind.

"Do you want a crawcka?" I ask. (The kid's got me saying crawcka and not cracker and this makes me sad, sad sort of English major.)

"Cwacka?" my parrot repeats.

I dig into the Tupperware container, pull out a cracker, reach back like the stealthy driving mom that I am, and Mateo takes it.

He's also still holding his sippy cup of the good stuff, so I reach back to take that from him.

"NO!" he tells me.

I wait. I reach back again, and this time my attempt is a success, and Mateo hands it to me.

Silence for about 20 seconds.

Then I begin to hear what sounds like a small child crunching up a ritz cracker in his hand while periodically wiping bits of it on his pants. At a red light I turn and look, and my suspicions are fully confirmed.

Said small child begins to cry and yell: "NOOOOO!"

I'm assuming he didn't like the ritz cracker, he expected the graham variety of cracker, and he wanted me to know of his displeasure.

Said displeasure continued all the way home. He went from "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*!!!" to "NOOOO!" to just crying, and all because he was the one who wiped and crumbled ritz cracker bits on his clothes and car seat.

Mom's advice to said upset child? Simply put, "You did it to yourself."

*Mateo's new favorite word, and every time he says it, I cringe because he sounds like some 80's valley girl who should be saying, "Gag me with spoon."

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Kmommy said...

LOL!! Oh the trauma that one tiny little cracker can cause! ;)