Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas certainly came early for me this year.

I need coffee to live. Really. I do. I get up way too early every day and simply cannot survive on nothing. I need the coffee. Besides all that, I actually like it.

And with the economy going in the pooper, and our need to save money, like, yesterday or a few months ago, I thought signing up to would keep me in Starbucks at least 2 if not 3 times a week. Well, as I already mentioned, I'm lucky if I'm getting a dollar from them per week. And that does not cover a venti-sized coffee. Not in this day and age.

Last week I came up with another plan so that I could drink drinkable coffee and stop giving Starbucks all my money. My ultimate plan was getting one of these babies:

But until I could find a good deal on one online, including shipping and handling, or until I could find one in a store (nearly impossible), my back-up plan was buying ground coffee of a brand I like and making coffee at work because the coffee we get at work is horrible. No one uses the coffee maker on my side of the building, so I felt okay with making a huge pot of coffee that only I would be drinking.

The day I came in with my ground coffee and made my sad pot of luke-warm coffee (another reason I hate making coffee at work), I was informed that we were getting a fantastic machine that would make coffee of any brand along with coffee drinks. And it would be free.


Oh yeah, free, baby. Free.

This is basically it but without the Chinese characters. This beauty grinds coffee beans, which means we aren't limited to the nasty coffee the other coffee service people bring in, and then makes whatever drink you want. Cafe Mocha. French Vanilla. Espresso. Hot Chocolate. Black Coffee. And something else that I can't remember.

This thing is the best machine ever created. EVER. It's saving me a ton of money, I tell you. I already had four cups of coffee or coffee drinks. I'm a regular in the lunch room now. I am singing its praises. Now I don't think I'll ever have to leave my job. Because not only am I getting tasty free coffee drinks, I get paid. And if we could get a microwave on this side of the floor? Awww, yeah. Life would be sweet.


Kmommy said...

How awesome is that!!!! Super super cool! I'd never leave ;)

Ms. A said...

I, too, love lovelove coffee. It was so hard not to drink it when pregnant. If I had a machine like this at my work I might never sleep.