Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 things I've been doing while not writing on my blog.

1. Watching our new president become our new president (Tuesday).

2. Going to the zoo and seeing it through the eyes of an almost 2-year old (Saturday).

3. "Discussing" household management with husband (Sunday).

4. Playing hide-n-seek with Mateo (Sunday).

5. Cooking and cleaning (most days this week).

6. Reading (everyday).

7. Becoming a microlender at Kiva.

8. Signing up to so I can be told how to declutter myself life and condo, and then being utterly confused by the massive amounts of e-mails I was receiving and decided to put a hold on that idea until I can figure out how to just be told what I need to do that day and be done with it (yes, mom, this is the same thing you did years ago). See item 3 and 5.

9. Being extremely bone-dead tired and falling asleep with a book in my hands or a laptop open next to me (every night).

10. Not really reading blogs but thinking about mine a lot. My reader is up to 300 unread posts.


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