Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random stuff that doesn't warrant a full post.

1. Our dentist is part of the dental mafia. My husband decided a while back that he hates her and how she runs her practice, has refused to go to her or any dentist, and she's been after him ever since. I still go because I just need to ensure my teeth don't fall out of my head, so however she runs her practice is fine by me as long as my insurance covers it.

I have an appointment today at 3pm, and they've already called to confirm, so when they called today, I figured it was to tell me they need to reschedule my appointment (this is one of the reasons my husband hates her, that and she tried to convince him he has wisdom teeth and he swears he doesn't). I answered the phone, and after confirming I was she ("she" being me), I was told my husband has an appointment at 5pm today.

Now, while my husband does make appointments and then does not tell me about them, I do generally have an idea when he does make them. And I was pretty sure he didn't make this one. So I told her no, no he does not, and he cannot come in at that time. She said okay.

Who does that? Dental Mafia! That's who. I'm scared to go in now.

2. Mateo somehow learned about Superman from the kids at his daycare. He didn't learn it from us, that's for sure. We aren't all gung ho on him learning about things that aren't appropriate for his age, so this whole Superman thing caught us by surprise. He's gone so far as wanting to put a towel on his head so he can run around and say "Superman!" And now he's the owner of a Batman figure, who he proudly calls "Superman." And so do we now. And some day I will call Batman "Superman" to another adult and that person will think I've lost it.

3. Mateo has added verbs to his vocabulary. So now instead of being bossy sans verbs, he's bossy with verbs, which is more fun in general, don't you think? "Come on, Mommy. Mommy, come!" "Don't touching me!" Stuff like that. I love hearing my own child telling me not to touch him when all I'm trying to do is put his clothes on him or clean his butt.

4. I've overloaded myself yet again with random responsiblities, one I don't think I'm allowed to talk about on my blog per some agreement I said "yes" to, so I can't get into it, but I can say this: It's a great thing for someone who likes to read, but since I seem to have less time to read these days (not sure how that happened, but I'm not sucking down books like I was before), it's putting some stress on my do gooder attitude who is always wanting to please. I'm also reading a friend's novel and editing for grammar and overall content and flow. This requires me to not just read but to think at the same time, so finding time to do that is a tad hard as well. AND I need to be at my computer, which Mateo has a tendency to hate and tells me, "No, Mommy, no! Put away!" But I will get it done, and I'm actually excited to do some editing on something of substance for once.

I have other fun things to write about that do warrant a full post - like our third trip to the ER and Mateo's hospital stay, but I'm saving it for later when I can find some humor in the whole thing, which, right now, I really can't.

How've you been?


Neece said...

I had a long talk with B, my dental hygenist, and she says the same thing about her manner -- it is all off. A regular patient of B's had to cancel a 10 am appt to unexpectedly pick up his daughter from the airport, so when B told the Dental Mafia she told her to call him back and tell him he could come at 1 pm or he would have to have a cancellation fee assessed. B refused. She said this wasn't a flaky patient that does this all the time. I guess she has lost a lot of patients due to her manner.

EZ needs to find a dentist he likes rather than let his teeth rot.

Nut Nut said...

I didn't hear the end of it...even walking out the door they told me to tell EZ to call them.

So I promptly called him and yelled at him to find a new dentist because he's not my child nor am I his keeper, and I don't go to the dentist to listen to them talk about him.

Yeah, she's really off.

Neece said...

Well, if he is willing to come to CV, my dentist is great. He works out too, so they can discuss work outs. No pressure/sales.