Thursday, July 28, 2005

I can't believe it finally happened.

Today was like any other BART morning commute day, which meant I passed out around the Bayfair station. Someone sat next to me a few stations later, but whoever it was sat so gently I knew this person wasn't one of my many BART nemeses. And this person was probably a female (again, women hardly sit down like a linebacker unless they're shaped that way). No need to worry.

I woke up at some point because the train was stopped longer than normal, but then I heard the "ding, ding" of the doors closing, and so I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.

And I slept.

And then I felt someone gently hitting my arm. I looked up and we were in an underground station, so I quickly looked for a sign, and it said Montgomery.

Oh, wait a minute. That's my station! Holy smokes!

I looked at the person who hit me and it was this lady who has been sitting next to me every so often. She knew this was my station, so she, being the kind lady that she was and never once one of my nemeses, woke me up.

After thanking her a million times, I jumped up in total disarray and walked to the door. Then I realized I left my lunch bag on the floor next to my bench, so I went back and grabbed it, all the while thanking her.

So I guess I learned three things this morning:

  1. I'm unusually tired as of late. Not sure why, but I really am. I keep telling everyone this, and no one seems to care. I care. I'm tired. Let me sleep.
  2. I've lost my ability to tell where I am at all times on BART while sleeping (I used to be so good at that!).
  3. I guess I shouldn't complain so much when the same person sits next to me all the time. If only I could pick that person.... I think I would pick that lady. Yes, she would do nicely.

I wonder if red-haired guy would have woken me up? How about disgusting fat man? Backpack lady? Probably not. I don't seem to have a good relationship with them at all.

Now I wonder if this lady will ever sit next to me again. I wouldn't want to take on the responsibility of waking someone up each morning. And to think, there has been several times where I've left the Fremont train while someone was sleeping away, and while it crossed my mind that maybe this person would appreciate a quick tap on the shoulder as I passed by them so they too can get off the train, I just snicker to myself that he or she will be heading back to SF soon.

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