Monday, August 01, 2005

Phone Calls

I don't understand this one, and it happens a lot to me.

The phone rings.

I answer it by saying "hello" like most people do.

The person on the other end says "hello?"

So I say "hello?" right back.

They're calling me. I'm not giving up who I am before they give up who they are.

This can go on for ages.

At work, I answer my phone by stating my name (albeit a little slurred -- sometimes I sound drunk, but my name isn't so easy to say all the time -- or perhaps I'm lispy). So today I had someone call, and so I said my spiel (including my lovely slurry name), and the person responds with - you guessed it, "hello?"

I said, "hello?"


Then, "hello?"

I said, "hello...?"

And then they asked for some person whose name I can't pronounce no less slur, and I said, "noooooooo....."

"Oh, sorry."

And I hung up.

I like hanging up on people rather abruptly because, hey, you called me and I don't know you.

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