Monday, August 15, 2005


Today was my first day back on BART after having a lovely (although sort of boring) week off. As I knew I would, I quickly passed out around Bay Fair (I woke up at 3:15am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep again -- I'm getting a new kitty!). Someone sat next to me somewhere in Oakland. Rather gentle sitting, so I figured it was a lady.

I somehow woke myself up in the tunnel when the train started slowing down, and I noticed that the person sitting next to me was not, in fact, a lady. It was a man. A man reading a newspaper. You guessed it, Red Haired Guy. I was immediately annoyed, but then I realized he wasn't being annoying like he normally was. He was holding his newspaper in a rather considerate manner -- off to the side and away from me. I realized I was never jabbed by elbows. And he sat so...softly. Maybe he forgot what I looked like? I have been MIA for a week.

So I decided I shouldn't show my annoyance about him sitting next to me, and I began my normal routine of situating myself for a blocked-out walk to work (iPod out of bag, into pocket, earbuds out, badge over head, earbuds back in). I figured Red Haired Guy would keep me captive until the last minute, as usual, but no, he actually got up and moved to the door before the train stopped at Montgomery.

That was when I really looked -- that was no Red Haired Guy! It was the baseball cap-wearing guy who also wears a suit and never looked right wearing a baseball cap. Although he's no longer wearing his baseball cap. Maybe he was gardening hair plugs during that time.

No wonder I wasn't annoyed.

And guess who bypassed me going up the escalator? The real Red Haired Guy. I wanted to give him a kick just because. But I didn't.

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