Thursday, August 04, 2005

Morning snooze

No, no....someone didn't wake me up this morning. I've been managing to get myself up lately.

However, that lady that did wake me up the other day has been noticeably MIA on the train. Granted, I don't pay that much attention to people to know how often they take the train (unless you get on at Fremont, then you're fair game for my nutty thoughts), but I'm pretty certain she was a regular. I thought she was sitting in front of me going to work yesterday, but it turns out it wasn't her.

Today someone sat down next to me and jabbed me in the side. I opened my eyes to get a side glance of the person, who turned out to be female, and I swear it was the same lady who woke me up. Seems she was taking up knitting (hence the jab -- jabbed once and not again, thank goodness). I went back to sleep knowing that if I didn't wake up, then she would wake me up. She's my Florence Nightingale.

I woke up and started getting my stuff together, when the lady said something to me. I was thinking, oh was nice and great of her to wake me up that one day, but I'd kinda like to leave that in the past. Obviously she wasn't talking to me to wake me up. I had my earbuds in, so I took out the right one so I could hear her, and she repeated what she said to me.

"Is this your stop?"

I looked at her, and I realized she wasn't the same lady. Just a lady who looked like that lady. Sigh. It's terrible to be torn between not wanting to see someone but also wanting the reassurance that that someone will wake you up when you're sleeping. This lady could have been the other lady's daughter -- same hair and features, just younger. I told her it was the next one, and she told me to tell her when to get up.

Because she was so nice, I actually risked life and limb and got up before the train stopped. Why prolong the inevitable? She had packed away her knitting supplies just to let me out, I guess I'll risk falling over for her. Darn those nice people.

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