Friday, August 26, 2005


Yet again, I had to deal with idiot people who don't understand the concept of a line. For some reason the lines were really long tonight, and when the Pittsburg/Baypoint train showed up and was only 8 cars in length, most people panicked. There was a bit of pandemonium as everyone tried to rush onto the train and get the one or two seats left. Even after everyone got on, it still wasn't as bad as I've seen in the past, but 8 cars isn't really fair when it comes to Pittsburgh/Baypoint.

After everyone slowly shuffled on and lurkers ran from all directions and cut in front of the line people, I ended up being at the front. A lurker was rushing to the door right when I stopped at the side of the door, and he actually had the nerve to stop, smile and say, "after you." Hello? If I wanted to get on that train, of course it would be after me, you lurker! I told him I wasn't getting on, which confused him, but why the heck would I stand right there and not move as people tried to get onto the train? I'm not that polite.

He darted in and cut some people off. This lady who was in line got off the train and mumbled, "I'm going to wait for the next train," to no one in particular. I was still standing to the side because as I've said before, I wait for the doors to close before I move back in line so that I don't get killed as someone runs into me, knocks me to the ground and there I would lay as everyone stepped on me because they had to get home. She stood in line, right in front of the doors. I was annoyed that she got out and thought it was perfectly okay to just become the first person in line like that, but then, she wasn't going to get on my train, so I let it go.

Then I noticed that everyone followed her lead and got back in line. I was the only one off to the side. The doors took longer than normal to close, so I was getting antsy because technically I'm first even though I was second, and the guy behind me filled in my gap. So I looked like a lurker now. I'm no lurker! I do not lurk!

When the doors finally closed, I moved right back in line, regardless of fat man behind me and pink lady in front of me (side note: the other day there were, like, 10 older ladies (70's or older) getting off the Fremont train, and they were all wearing the same matching pink sun hats. Very cute to look at, but annoying nonetheless because older ladies tend to not have anything to rush to like us young folk -- they held me up getting to the escalator, getting off the escalator and when I was driving out of the parking lot!) didn't take into consideration that I needed to get back in line, and that I was, in fact, the polite one by getting out of everyone's way.

Fat man slowly moved back because he realized I wasn't going to lurk off to the side anymore, and pink lady got annoyed with me because when the Fremont train came, she wouldn't get out of the way (and again, I knew she wasn't getting on this train! Move it, pink lady!). I kept hitting her with my lunch bag. She kept giving me dirty looks. When the Fremont train came, I invaded her space so much that she either had to get out of the way or get on the train with me. She decided getting out of the way was going to work better for her.

Lines are such difficult concepts. The longer they get, the more "every person for themselves" people tend to get. Really dumb. It's like the herding instinct that I've never understood. Have you ever been one out of 10 people in a movie theatre and have someone sit really close to you? I used to work at a movie theatre, I saw it all the time.

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