Monday, August 29, 2005


It's always nice to know that you can have a really good nap with a complete stranger on BART.

I suppose this can happen on a plane or a bus, but I can't sleep on planes (and I'm usually in the window seat, next to my husband, because I need to watch as the plane crashes to the ground), and I won't sit on a bus unless I have to because even though they don't have a tendency to tilt over on their side, if I was on one, it would. And I'd probably be in the mountains, right next to a steep drop. Or on a bridge when the wind is blowing really hard. Yes, these are my fears.

Every time I have a really good snooze with the person next to me, I think of the Friends episode when Ross and Joey fell asleep on the couch together and didn't want to talk about it until they both realized it was the best nap they both had had in a long time and so they napped together again.

Weirdly enough, that's the kind of nap you can have on BART with some person you'll never talk to or see again.

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