Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I went to Macys this morning to look for a throw to save my love seat from my cats' claws of destruction. I was really excited to use my new credit card that will some day pay down my mortgage. I'm going to use it everywhere from this point on. I used to use my ATM. No way. Not unless I need to buy a BART ticket, have no money and the machine won't take my cards. Then it's off to Walgreens to buy candy bars to get cash over.

So there I was, all excited to use my card again, and as I was swiping it through the machine on the counter, the cashier asked me if I was going to use my Macys card today.

Uh oh.

I had flashbacks from last December when I bought boots, and the (I'm assuming) seasonal employee almost killed me because I wouldn't sign up for a stinkin' Macys card. She wouldn't even give me a bag! I had to ask for it. And never mumble, "when customer service goes bad," when you get a loony cashier. Apparently they don't like it.

Her name was Cassandra. I remember because she told me several times in her special breathy way: "I'm Caaaassssaaaaannnnnnddddrrrraaaaaaa." Perhaps she shouldn't have, but I'm not one to call and complain about employees. We all have our weird days.

I told her no. Nope. No Macys card for me. And I was hoping she would have seen that I already swiped my card. I'm sure it could have been cancelled, although I wasn't given the option. She did inform me that I could get a 10% discount today and tomorrow if I signed up (it only takes minutes!). Let's see, 10% discount on a throw vs. getting free money to pay off my mortgage. I'll take the latter. Especially since I shop at Macys maybe 3 times a year.

Since I wasn't expecting another Macys card attack, I was looking around at all the lovely things I couldn't afford in the bed and bath floor. They have some really nice stuff. I can dream.

Then the cashier said to me, "Are you in a hurry? Are you rushed?"

Was I rushed? No, not really. I didn't think I was acting particularly rushed either. If I was rushed, I don't think I'd be glancing around so much in a leisurely manner.

"No, uh, not really, I mean, I have to go back to work."

Then I got it -- she was still pushing the stupid Macys card. Playing psychological games with me. I'm too rushed to fill out an application and acquire more credit card debt, am I? I'm a free-spending crazy chick who doesn't care if she's passing on 10%, is that so? Well. You must be rushed.

She said, "Oh, well, that's a good reason."

Not really. Considering my boss doesn't really watch my time. And I was planning on going to Crate and Barrel afterwards to look at their throws and see if I can get a better deal. And I was pondering who would have a good supply of Baby Gunds in the area because I can't seem to find a good supply anywhere.

Then she topped off my shopping experience by telling me her name (Joy), writing it on the receipt and asking me to please go to Macys.com and tell them about my shopping experience. Oh man, if only they were doing this when Cassandra was around. See, Joy was actually very nice and friendly, and I didn't expect the extra Macys card shove. Cassandra, on the way other hand, was a loon from the beginning to the end, and I knew I was in trouble.

Macys.com, here I come!

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