Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Two nutties in a row

There was another bum rusher today. I was second in line. He rushed the Pittsburgh/Baypoint train. The doors were open right up until he got to the them. Then they closed. He stood there, looked left and right and left again while he flapped his arms. The lady in front of me was eyeballing him because he made no motion of moving out of the line since he didn't get on the train. She believes in my philosophy, it seemed, and moved in front of him as best she could, while I moved right behind him (I couldn't get in front of him -- no room, so it was either get behind him or kick him or something). He flapped his arms some more and walked away finally.

The next nutty was this lurker-man off to the side of me. He had headphones on and coffee and food in hand. I don't know why, but my first impression of someone with headphones is that they are okay. Would a homeless person have headphones? Unless he found them in the garbage and was just wearing them because of the fashion statement. So there he was, lurking away, and I figured he was going to try to cut in front of everyone because that seems to happen more and more lately. Again, the lady in front of me follows my, shuffle to the side, turn, wait while people get off the train, always blocking sneaky lurker until they somehow slip in after me. We both did the same move, so lurker-man got in a couple people behind us.

There were several empty benches, so I sat in the back. I had the forethought of putting my lunch and Macys bag on the bench as I innocently adjusted my iPOD. I noticed lurker-man paused at my bench and then sat behind me next to a man.

Luckily I did what I did because this man STUNK. I refused to take the bags off the bench until I knew a new person would sit down. With my luck, stinky lurker-man would actually move next to me and trap me with his stench. A lady got on at Embarcadero, so I removed my bags as soon as she eyeballed my bench.

Even though stinky wasn't sitting next to me, his stinky stinkiness was wafting to my nose. I couldn't believe the man next to him didn't move. He got off 4 stops later, though. Probably held his breath most of the way. So then what does stinky do? He moves to the window seat. So he's now directly behind me. Ugh. And there wasn't any air circulation in my car for some reason. The only reprieve I got was when the doors opened.

The lady next to me moved at some point, and then the guy in front me got off, so I high-tailed it to his bench to save my nose, stomach and sanity. Stinky rode all the way to Fremont, and then didn't get off. I guess he was just relaxing while sporting his headphones that probably weren't connected to anything.

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