Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Oh no

I forgot my ear buds today.

No worries; this probably helped me not miss my stop because of yet another restless, too many thoughts running through my head night, and then my crazy cat decided to lounge on her cat condo while aimlessly knocking things off the night stand (things she could easily reach while lounging, mind you) at 4am this morning.

And, I have an ATM card and the ability to walk to a Walgreens and suffer through bad customer service (me looking at earphones behind counter, girl at register, I approach register, she says, "what?," like I'm interrupting her, and so I pathetically ask for the cheapest ear buds and slink away like a beaten dog) in order to save myself from a day of extreme quiet and boredom and no white noise and no Death Cab songs....

I don't suggest buying $7.99 ear buds unless absolutely necessary. Not the best quality, although they did come with a 90-day warranty.

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