Monday, August 15, 2005

Totally chicken

So there I stood, first in line to catch the Fremont train, when the Pittsburgh/Baypoint train doors were just beginning to shut. I was still standing off to the side a bit to allow the rushing loonies room to run towards the train, when this skinny tall lady ran towards the door.

Instead of being brave like all the other idiots, she just stuck a stick arm and a stick leg in the door (which will not stop it from closing), flayed them around and then jerked them back out before the door closed on them. This took 5 seconds at the most to do. Most people figure if they've made that much of a scene, they may as well go all the way and keep their appendages in the doorway, allowing the doors to close on them and then push the doors open as best they can with whatever they have left that is moving. This lady only tempted the doors.

When she jerked her arm and leg back out, she proceeded to stand in front of the closed door and made a mewing noise and then looked around at the people in line like we were were either on her side or she was mad at us for not bum rushing the train to help her get on.

Just so she knew her failed attempt at keeping the doors open didn't mean she could now stand in the front of the line, I slid to left and basically pushed her out of the way without ever touching her. She left after that.

Better luck next time.

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