Thursday, August 04, 2005

Spare the air?

From what I've been told, it's rather warm in the east bay. Since I work in SF, I wouldn't really know about that. It usually tops about 65 degrees here. As I write this right now, I'm wearing my overcoat because I'm freezing. It's not warm enough here for the air conditioning to be on, but alas, it is and right above my head.

Anyway, since it's supposedly so warm this week, I'm thinking we should have a spare the air day and get free BART rides again. They only give them out 5 times during the summer, and last year we didn't get to use our 5 free rides up. I guess there was enough air to spare last year. Doesn't the heat and traffic have something to do with air quality? I think a free ride on BART would take care of this nicely.

Come on you air quality guessing wizards! Predict another spare the air day before August passes us by. We've only used one free day this summer. We're running out of time.

And if you think about it -- does the lack of spare the air days means our air quality is actually good? So all this talk about air quality -- is it just bunk?

Oh, by the way, since I'm talking about free rides....since I've had to turn my Translink card in twice in the past 4 months to get "fixed," this has cause a major funds back-up on it. And since I'm taking a week off next week, which means I won't be using my card, I'm really going to be backed-up. This basically means I have a surplus of money being stored away for BART rides. If I have to turn the card in again to get "fixed," I'll be set for 3 months of BART rides on one card.

Good....bad...who knows. Let's hope I don't lose it again. Or someone figures out who I am and mugs me (that's if anyone's reading this thing!).

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