Sunday, September 25, 2005


I'm generally not a "hi" person when I see people I know or slightly know or know just a tiny bit. You'll hardly catch me greeting all those I know with a friendly "HI!!!!" I would much rather say something snotty to those I know instead of "Hi," so if you ever catch me saying it, it's probably because I feel like I have to.

Today I was feeling in a particularly "Hi" sort of mood, and as I was walking towards someone I only knew a tiny bit, I thought I'd be friendly and say "hi" to him. It was either that or ignoring him by looking downwards, which is what I do most of the time. That just seems to be full proof -- I don't have to initiate the weirdness (if any) and I get to be the one approached (uh, same thing -- that's if I am). It seemed like he was eyeballing me too, so I figured I should take a chance and say "hi."

"Hi!" I said as I walked closer to him.

He didn't stop walking, but he paused a bit. There was an air of confusion in his eyes, like he was flipping through his memory book of all the people he's met recently to see if my face fits anyone he knows and whether he should be nice to me or not. Or perhaps I had something weird stuck to my face or green things between my teeth, but I am one of those people who have things stuck to them a lot. One morning my husband sloppy-kissed me goodbye before going to work (he's not allowed to do that anymore), and he got spit all over my face. I thought I wiped it all off, but apparently I didn't. I rode BART, went to Starbucks and then went to my office. I had an itch on my face, so I scratched it and dry flakes fell off my face. I took my mirror out and looked. His dried spit was surrounding my lips.

Oh, and get me to change an ink cartridge, then it's a guaranty that I'll be walking around with black streak marks on my face until I go to the bathroom and notice or someone tells (which hardly happens - it's way more fun watching someone walk around all day looking like a coal miner).

He didn't even smile. At least I smile at weirdos who say "hi" to me.


We passed each other. I did what I needed to do and headed back in the direction I came. There I go. That's what I get for trying to be friendly to people. Now I'll never know if I should bother with him again because I shall see him again, oh yes, I shall. I can say "hello." as good as the next person.

Luckily, two other people said "hi" to me as I was walking back. That lifted my spirits a bit. Funny enough, the first of the two got a cocky "hi" from me (that whole snotty thing) and the second person got the same sort of "hello" I just received, but not for the same reason. It was more because she was walking quickly past me, and I'm always surprised when she acknowledges me. I bet I'd get a good response if I had a tree branch stuck between my front teeth.

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