Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Seems the sleeping bug caught someone else today. And I didn't do a thing about it.

There's a lady that also has a Translink card and so we've become smiling friendly until the time she stole my parking spot and then almost caused me to kill myself and others while driving.

She lives somewhere near me, and one day she was behind me until we turned onto whatever street is near the BART station. She got in the other turn lane, and as soon as the light turned green, she floored it to get in front of me -- knowing full well that we like to park in the same spots most of the time. This was when there were few open parking spots in the front side parking lot at BART. Now there aren't any except on Fridays. Stupid people learning my secrets!

So she sped, got in front of me and got the last front parking spot.

Before this incident, there was the almost killing everyone incident. She was in front of me leaving the BART parking lot, and we were both turning left. We didn't have our own left turn light, so we had to do the "right of way" thing. There was someone walking across the intersection, but the timing was right so that she and I could have gone through without scaring the poor pedestrian or bashing into each other. She pulled into the intersection, and since I felt there was enough time and most people take the opportunity of time in these situations, I pulled out at the same speed as her. Little did I know she was going to just stop right in the middle of the intersection and wait for the person to walk across. So I had to steer to the left to sorta get in the other lane without crossing the crosswalk and killing the pedestrian. It was either that or bashing into her truck and killing myself. I saw her eyeballing in her rear view mirror. That was when I decided I didn't like her anymore.

She would get hers, oh yes she would. I didn't know how or when, but her days were numbered.

She gets off at Embarcadero, the stop before mine. To add more salt to my drippy wound, she could have been one of the people to wake me up when it looked like I was totally passed out the day I visited Civic Center and 16th Street. But she didn't. I was having a really good snooze today (I'm still reading Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, and it puts me to sleep all the time now. Man those Russians like to yammer on about stuff.), but I managed to wake myself up before we pulled into the Embarcadero station. As I was gathering my stuff together to get out at Montgomery, I noticed her.

She was sitting with her headphones on, head totally dipped forward towards her chest and looking oh so very peaceful. She was knocked out. I thought about waking her up. I was really close to tapping her shoulder as I walked passed her, but then I thought: Why should I? And really, how do I know she doesn't need to go to Civic Center or the airport or even just Powell Street? Hey, she stole my parking spot the day she decided she was a speed demon and almost killed me the day she decided to drive like a grandma.

Let her sleep. If I knew she was going to the ocean, I would even cliche the situation to say, Let her sleep with the fishes.

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