Thursday, October 06, 2005

Don't ever be this guy.

We've all seen him. Perhaps we've all been him from time to time. Fess up, if it's true.

Have you ever walked in an elevator, and the person who enters with you or is already inside the elevator freaks out and starts repeatedly pushing the close door button? And you're lucky all your limbs are inside with you before the doors close? And they keep doing this after each stop?

Sort of makes me feel unwanted when this happens.

I've encountered the rapid button pusher guy several times this week. He was getting off after me and every time someone would get off, he would start pushing the close door button like a loon. At my stop he barely waited for me to get off before he started pushing the button.

And to think, when you are rapid button pushing, you're probably saving a whooping 10 seconds on your elevator ride, depending on how many stops you have to make.

And don't even get me started on the sighers and huffers on the way down.

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