Thursday, October 06, 2005

Red-haired guy strikes again!

There I was...peacefully sleeping away when WHAM! someone sits next to me. This large man has been periodically sitting next to me, and for some reason he can't just sit down like a gentle giant; he has to drop his large body into the seat so not only do I know he's there, but the people in front and back of us know he's there too. Do I even need to state that this is the most annoying thing you can do to someone who sleeps on BART?

So when this person sat down next to me like he/she weighed 500 lbs, I just assumed it was that same man. Never once did I think it was red-haired guy. It's been months since our last silent battle of the wits. I figured our relationship was over.

But then I started to feel human overflow against my hip. The other man, even though he's large, manages to not touch me, which I appreciate greatly because I don't really want him to touch me. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Oh well, I thought. Just deal with it.

When our train paused in the bay tunnel before Embarcadero, I started waking up. I turned to my left to see who was sitting next to me. Yes, you guessed it -- Red-haired guy. My nemesis. It was he who was overflowing onto my hip. How dare he!

He did his usual trapping thing when we got to Montgomery (his stop as well). He waited a bit longer than need be after the train stopped to get up and get off. I was already starting to stand up before he did. Stupid red-haired man. Too bad I didn't realize it was his chubs invading my space. I should have spasmed and jerked my arm to nail him good.

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