Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am so disappointed

I began watching Sex and the City last year (or the year before -- I can't remember at all now). Watching them was a slow process. I was getting the DVDs from Netflix, and since a long time ago my husband and I devised a "you pick three and then I get to pick the next three" plan so no one's feelings would get hurt or I wouldn't just take over all the movie picks (probably the real reason), I had to rent Sex in the City during those times it was my pick. Sometime this summer I just gave up on that whole nice and lovely thought, and I started renting them all the time. During this last month, I was watching one DVD a week.

I knew I was getting to the end of the show, so I wanted to just hurry it up and get it over with so I could start on Nip Tuck.

Now, I must admit that I was totally against watching Sex and the City when it was on HBO (not that I ever had HBO -- so it really didn't matter). But I often made fun of others who did watch it. I also make fun of those who read "chick lit." Anything "chick-ish" is fair game in my book. Until I start to like it, then it's a different story, of course. I'm not sure why I decided to watch Sex and the City, but I did, and I really liked it and so I kept on watching it. My mom started watching it, and my sis had already finished it (she was one of the ones I made fun of -- sorry sis), so we could all talk about it as long as my sis and I didn't ruin anything for my mom who was a season or two behind me.

I was watching the 2nd disc of season 6 part 2 yesterday (and I wonder why I didn't know what was going on -- they had to make it all complicated), and I got to the fourth episode on the DVD. I was doing a marathon viewing -- trying to watch all the shows at once before my husband came home and wanted to eat dinner. He said he'd be home at 6:30 or 6:45 "hopefully," so I knew I had until after 7pm. He came home right when the last episode should have ended, but it kept going. I looked at the total time for the DVD and it was 2 hours, 15 minutes. Hmm...that's odd. Instead of watching the rest of it, I just turned it off to watch it at a later time. I even told my husband the shows are only supposed to a half hour. Verrrry weird.

Actually, the whole last episode was odd. There was a lot of this wrapping it up feeling, and it was a bit sentimental and weirdly filmed as far as Sex in the City goes. I don't want to ruin the ending for those that haven't seen it (MOM), so let's just say everyone gets what they wanted even if they didn't realize they wanted it. And I'm still very confused on why I saw Charlotte pregnant in one episode on TV (the censored re-runs) and never once saw her pregnant on the DVDs. That still baffles me, but obviously I'm the one confused. I was still waiting for it as of yesterday.

There was also a lot of weird music stuff going on -- all very dramatic, and I was thinking, wow, this is really weird. This must be the turning point episode before Carrie marries Mr. Big!! Ya, that's it!!

I watched the last 15 minutes this morning, and I'll admit, since I knew this wasn't the last disc in the series, I wasn't paying full attention to everything. I mean, I got what was going on, but I was doing other stuff while the show was on. The morning I was answering emails for my raging eBay business while the episode finished. It got to the end when Carrie's cell phone rings, and she looks at it and it says, "XXXX" (censored to protect the innocent), and I yelled to my husband who wasn't listening to me, "I KNOW MR. BIG'S NAME!!!" Wow. They never said what his name was until this point! Woohoo! The wedding must be on.

Now, my mom gave me that bit of info -- the wedding part. Actually, I think she told me one day that she "knew Carrie and Mr. Big get married." I looked at her and said, "Well, I didn't, thanks a lot." So I just knew that there was some big, fancy wedding coming up. And everyone's so happy and oh, this is just lovely.

I immediately went to Netflix to find the next disc to move it up my queue. I used the Control + F function and then typed in "Sex and the." Nothing was found. What? Did I somehow not put the last DVD in my queue? So I went to the web page for this season, and it said it was a 3-disc series. Well, where the heck is the third disc? I gotta do something special when I watch it, like drink some wine or eat some popcorn or maybe even a milkshake!

I went back to my queue, searched again and nothing.

So I went back to the web page, and I clicked on the "add them all" button to get all the discs for part 2 in my queue. I looked. There were three, but only two were the real shows, the third one was a bonus disc.


("Wait a minute" for those that don't read long-drawn out type.)

I just watched the last show! And I didn't know it!!!

So I ran into my husband and cat's room (husband's "music room" that has been taken over by a litter box, cat toys, food and water) and told him I just watched the end and I didn't even realize it! This is a disaster! Soooo not fair!!!! I told him how it was filmed differently, and so-and-so did that and got that and I found out Mr. Big's name, and I just didn't get that I was watching the end!!!

(Normally I limited my use of exclamation points, but I feel for this entry, they are needed because I was pretty hyped up at the time).

Oh man, talk about a big disappointment. It's like thinking you have one last cupcake left to eat, but then you go into the kitchen and you realize you ate the last one yesterday. It just plain sucks.

Needless to say, my husband didn't know who "so-in-so" was (and I was really saying it that way because I couldn't remember anyone's name at this point) and didn't even know that so-and-so had something happen to them, and really didn't care that I just watched the ending and didn't know it.

That's okay. Since I didn't know it was the end until way after I finished watching it, I feel okay about it. I don't even want to watch the last episode again. Goodbye my Sex and the City girls and hello gross scenes of plastic surgery!

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