Monday, October 31, 2005


To make a painful situation even more painful, the press writers for President Bush threw in a joke in his long, pause-happy and monotone speech regarding his new Supreme Court Judge nomination.

And I quote: "Today, Judge Alito is joined by his wife, Martha, who was a law librarian when he first met her. Sam and I both know you can't go wrong marrying a librarian."

We all know Mr. Bush isn't the best speaker out there, and he oftentimes has a look of confusion on his face when he is talking, but this morning's speech was by far the worst that I've heard (and admittedly, I haven't heard too many of them). And then to throw in this joke that's not even funny... I don't know, I think some crazy speech writer is out to destroy the fun of a funny joke in a long, drawn-out speech or something. Or maybe just make Mr. Bush look stupid. It's not even that funny, even if a funny person was saying it, so maybe I should say it's an interesting antidote between the two men?

And what made this even more sad, was that Mr. Bush almost seemed perplexed at the statement when he said it, like he didn't get why it was there, but then at the last second realized it was a funny tidbit. Perhaps they leave inflection notes for him -- [psst -- this is a joke, so get your joke voice on] -- because when he was done saying it, he paused and stared into the cameras. Nothing but silence ensued. It was then I wondered if he was only speaking into the camera or if there was a real, live audience or staff members watching him. But then when he was finished, I'm sure I heard clapping in the background. Regardless, it was very painful.

And librarians aren't even that interesting. Unless you call the lieberrians. You know, the lieberry?

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