Thursday, November 03, 2005

Comforter that lived in the bathtub

Yes, you read correctly -- lived. Not lives, but lived. Finally our comforter is being cleaned. Not by us, but by a dry cleaner. Why? Because it's not machine washable.

Which means it sat in the bath tub for over a month for no real reason.

My husband took it to the Laundromat today to wash it (it's getting colder at night -- go figure), and when he got there, he read the tag. Not machine washable.

So he calls me and says, "I thought you said it was machine washable."

When have I ever been known to read labels on things? I can barely wash clothes on my own let alone know to read a label before allowing our comforter to live in the bathtub.

Good thing we saved up all those quarters for the Laundromat. Now we can turn them in, get the cash and pay our $38 dry cleaning bill.

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