Friday, November 04, 2005

Gifts in the mail are great!

Yesterday we received a letter from a local Baptist Church. Stamped on the envelope was a message stating: Baskin Robbins Gift Certificate Inside!

What a lovely ploy to get people to eat Baskin Robbins, I thought. Because the average person, especially those who already go to church, will only open the envelope to find the gift certificate. And that's exactly what I did.

Without having to pull out any other enclosed items, I found the gift certificate, pulled it out and exclaimed, "They really did give us a gift certificate!" My husband thought there was some catch -- like we had to show up on a certain day at a certain time and listen to a whole service before they passed out the promised gift certificates. But no, my whopping $2 gift certificate was in the envelope.

I just hope it's real because I don't know of any establishments that sell $2 gift certificates. What a fine way to use God's money!

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