Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Doing a "me" on me

So yesterday was the first real cold and rainy day for us here in good old California. This morning I declared it was scarf-wearing time. Since I started working in San Francisco, I turned into a scarf wearer. I was never before. I hardly ever wear clothing accessories, like hats and gloves and...well I guess that's all there is. But scarves are a must-have to keep out the cold.

Two years ago my husband bought me a Paul Frank Julius scarf, which I love not only because one end has Julius embroidered on it, but also because it's very thick and long and warm. It usually lives on our coat rack, but since we moved, it was displaced. Somewhere.

My husband took it upon himself to try to locate said Julius scarf for me.

I was in our bathroom hallway that connects to our bedroom, and I started hearing dresser drawers opening and closing. I've pretty much taken over the whole dresser, so I knew he was searching for the scarf. What he didn't know was that I hid one of his xmas gifts in the very back of one of the drawers. Why? Because there is no reason for him to be searching through my drawers that much, and it was highly unlikely that he would, and even if he did, he wouldn't have found it because if it was right in front of his face, he wouldn't notice it. He's just like that. If he's even getting in my drawers, it's to put clothes away, and they go on top of the other clothes.

He was on his third drawer, which is where I think I hid his gift, so I bumrushed him and told him to get out of my drawers. He looked at me like I was crazy. I pushed him away and told him not to look in my drawers. He looked at me like I was still crazy. I told him he was doing a "me" on me by looking through my stuff when he shouldn't be doing that and he's going to find what I was hiding. That's when he got it.

I asked him if he saw anything, and he said no. Now I have to trust him or just hide it somewhere else. I finally got a taste of my own medicine (I already ruined one of my xmas gifts this year by being on his computer the past few days cause my wireless PC card died and I need to be on the internet all the time for my many fruitful businesses). Xmas is fun.

To tie up this lovely story, he found my scarf in the hallway closest, which was where I was going to look after I got done getting dressed and beautified.

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