Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Goodbye Halloween and Hello Turkey Day!

The best costume this year (out of the handful of kids who Trick or Treated at my parents house) was a rooster costume worn by an small child. Didn't quite look like this, but I just wanted to get the image across. This is what happens when kids are still in the age range when they don't care what they wear. It's all about the parents weird sense of humor.

So we say a fond farewell to Halloween and hello to Turkey Day and Christmas.

I now know for a fact that stores begin to display their holiday wares on Halloween night because I was at Safeway that night, and that's what the store manager was doing. You walk into most stores or visit an online e-tailer and what do you see? Snowflakes, a lot of red and white, and silly less than $10 gifts you can buy for just about anyone! You know you went shopping November 1. Admit it!

On a side note, I will be selling fabulous jewelry on a new site I just found named etsy (see link to the side for quick and easy access as the days get closer to Christmas). Feel free to support my hobby and get me on Oprah so she can yammer on about my fabulous jewelry!

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