Sunday, November 06, 2005

Overheard conversation

Sometimes when you're a waiting for the BART or on the BART train, you get to hear some really fun conversations. One time I listened to this one girl talk to her friend the whole way home about how she lost it at work and was going to get another job and she'd show them all. I was just glad to know I wasn't the only crazy gal that's lost it a few times at work. However, when you're listening to someone else talk about their craziness, and how desperately they try to justify it because you know at some point when he/she is repeating, "she knows she shouldn't mess with me, she knows I don't like her, I just had to tell her what I really thought of her," and he/she is really thinking, "Uh oh. I wonder if I have a job tomorrow. Perhaps I shouldn't have said those's not like it's hard to find someone who can learn the database. I mean, it's only typing, and it's been proven monkeys can get lucky and type a word or two after a point...," it makes you think twice the next time something happens at work and you really want to tell someone how you really feel about them, and perhaps you should just bite your tongue for once, become humble and walk away.

If I had a dime for every time my mom has told me, "You need to learn to shut your mouth!" I'd be one rich gal. Sometimes she says it repeatedly, and that's comparable to double coupon days! In fact, my mom uttered these same words last week after reading my entry about the man who thinks I'm an obscene female. I spent a minute or two trying to convince her I was justified.

But at least I don't take my daughter to the ghetto and then run a red light. Ooo! I knew I'd get that in my blog some day.

Anyway, I'm digressing again. So last Friday, while I was standing in line for the BART train, two fellows were chatting loudly behind me. Right at the point a song changed on my trusty iPOD, one of the guys said, "Stewart was probably kissing some girl."

Stewart was kissing a girl? I must hear more. I turned down my iPOD (my iPOD and I are like one, I can do this without much thought -- it's called being sly) and waited for more.

"Yeah, so I figure it went like this: Stewart was kissing some girl, and then someone was smoking pot, and so that turned into everyone was smoking pot at the party and having an orgy."

Of course this was when my train arrived, so I didn't get to hear more details about Stewart or the pot smoking orgy. But guess what -- that same girl that spend the whole train ride complaining to her friend about her job sat next to me. I was hoping for some juicy tidbits, but instead she spent the whole time next to me writing in a notebook. I guess she has learned to channel her anger.

Hey, me too! It's called a blog!

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