Monday, December 26, 2005

Best Xmas Gifts This Year

I got a lot of cool stuff from Santa this year (thanks Dad, Hubby, Friends and Family), but the two toppers were Uggy and Babo.

Uggy came from my pal M who knows I love cats more than anything else. She picked up Uggy when she went on a mini vacation in Cambria. I'm very glad Uggy got to come live with me.

Babo is an Ugly Doll. I've wanted an Ugly Doll for about 5 years now. But, even though they're so ugly they're cute, they are still pretty expensive to just buy because they're staring at you in a bin full of other Ugly Dolls, pleading you to take one of them home and give him lots of love. I am particularly fond of Babo, and I guess in a daze one day I either told my husband about my love of Babo or sent him a link to Babo. I remember my Babo-loving day, but I honestly don't remember telling him or sending him a link. But I send him random links all the time and forget that I have. Anyway, I love Babo.

Come midnight on xmas day (yes, we open our gifts at midnight), I opened one of my gifts to find Babo staring up at me. Needless to say, I was in complete Babo-happiness as soon as my eyes fell upon him. We have been best pals since. In fact, he's sitting in my lap right now watching me as I type.

Babo is just one of those items you want but can't bring yourself to buy when you have a mortgage, property tax and other bills to pay. But boy howdy, he certainly makes the best xmas gift ever. Uggy, on the other hand, is the item you never knew you wanted until he found you.

Merry day after Christmas!

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