Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Decisions, decisions....

The Fremont train was late going home tonight, so when I got on it, the seats were sparse. I grabbed one of the handicap seats since there were no window seats. A man who tried to hog up a whole bench got the picture that people would just sit on him if he didn't move his luggage (yet another traveler who tries to hole themselves up in a tight seating situation and expect no one to ask him to move), so there was an empty seat next to him when most people got on the train.

A lady with her kid walked over to the empty seat. So I had to make a quick decision: look like a jerk because I didn't want to give up my seat (with good reason -- my back was killing me, and if you know me, you know what I'm talking about) or give up my seat and stand while the stupid man next to me still sat down. Hmmmm....

Luckily the luggage man offered to stand up so she could sit on the same bench with her kid. She turned him down. Okay, so now I don't feel so bad.

But then I could tell out of the corner of my eye that the kid was staring straight ahead, like, right at me, and the mom kept looking at him and then looking at me. Uh oh. Were they trying to place some kookie voodoo spell on me? Ack, but my back hurt so much. I had to sit down and think all day, and well, it was all too much for me. Plus, even though I look healthy and 15, that doesn't mean I have my own physical problems. Go ahead, lady and kid, voodoo me all you want!

But, admittedly, I was getting a little paranoid by the whole look, look away thing, so I finally took a peek. The kid was comatose! He was staring off into space (and not at me), and the mom was softly talking to him and then looking in the direction he was staring. Oh man. Now I really felt like I should give up my seat, since it was perpendicular to her kid's seat, and obviously the kid was ready to pass out any second. Who knows what she put him through today.

Ah! But I was saved! The man sitting next to me got up at Embarcadero, and so I quickly slid over and patted the seat next to me so no weasely person tried to take it before she could. She sat down. When more people poured onto the train, she picked her kid up and sat him on her lap. Eventually they found a good position, and he passed out.

So did I.

Glad it worked out for all of us.

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