Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Goodbye to the Xmas Card

I've decided this year I'm not sending xmas cards out unless it's paired with a gift.

Maybe to family, but even that I'm not sure about.

I say bah hum bug to the xmas card. My husband (who will still be sending out xmas cards if he can find the time to sit himself down and do it) loves the xmas card tradition. He declared this Sunday "xmas day" and we will be getting our xmas cards together. I said he could. I'll do something else. Maybe eat xmas candy and watch TV.

It seems as each year progresses, we get less and less xmas cards in return from people. I know, the xmas card mailing is strictly optional, but I'll tell you, when you start displaying xmas cards from your dentist to make it look like people like you and want to share holiday good wishes, then you've got a problem. And that would be us. Dentist, apartment complex management (that was last year, hopefully this year the HOA at our condo will dole out a few of our own bucks for some generic xmas cards), insurance agent -- you name it. When we get them, we display them to make up for the lack of cards we received from our real friends.

This year I'm not going to worry about it, and so the flood of xmas cards will be plenty, I'm assuming (a joke). My husband can dutifully send out his xmas cards to everyone he knows, and we'll get a few in return, and that's good enough for me.

Oh, and there's nothing like getting the "pity" xmas card -- where you send one to someone you hardly talked to because you got wrapped up in the xmas card fun of the day, so the recipient feels like they should send you one back. And you get it on the 28th, postmarked the 26th.

Oh yes, I notice these things. Don't you believe I don't.

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