Monday, December 19, 2005

A message to all folk

When you want to tell someone else (usually another folk of your color or ethnic background) something about another race/ethnic background (usually a generalization you've come up with and assume whomever you're talking to agrees), don't do this:

Quickly look around to see who is around you before you finish what you want to say.

Move closer to the person who you want to say it to.

Say very quietly so no one can hear you except that person, "You know, the Asians like to....," (complete how you see fit), and then sit back and expect the person you just said your generalization to to understand your thoughts and even agree with you.

Don't do that. You look dumb. If you've got a generalization to make, and you think you're not racist, then go ahead and spout off your generalization in a normal voice. Do it. I dare you.

Okay. Let's take me. I'm white. Husband is not. Let's say I was by myself and met some people, and we were all talking and having a grand time (it's been known to happen). Then someone wanted to say a generalization about Mexican people in the way I just explained above. Our good times would be forever ruined.

So doesn't matter if you're white or something else because I've had all kinds of people do the same thing to me. You really don't know who you're talking to.

Oh, and yes, this happened this weekend. And as soon as it did happen, my opinion of my new pal decreased a notch.

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