Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Amazon Gold Box Predictions 12/20/2005

It's been awhile....

My friend the Gold Box wants me to read more memoirs. Which is good because I do enjoy the memoir. I should read about murders, motherlands and beauty. I should also carry around my crank AM/FM radio (just in case -- always good to be prepared). Goldy is worried about my health (still -- hey, it's holiday weight!!! Perhaps I should kill the person who invented holiday candy???), and I should look into veganism (no thanks), read more about personal nutrition (I thought that was reading the side of the box or bag of food I want to eat to see how much I should eat...) and brush my chompers with a rechargeable toothbrush. Oh, and I shouldn't forget my new Prada cosmetic bag to hold all my fancy cosmetics (foundation, powder, mascara -- I'm not fancy, Gold Box!).

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