Friday, January 20, 2006

Customer Service Calls

I signed up to a children's book of the month club a few weeks ago (seems like a month ago, but I know that's not true) for my sis's kids. I'm an avid reader. I've always read, love to read, I always have a book with me, and don't get me started about books because I can keep talking for ages. I love children's books as well. I love my nephews and my niece. Seems like a good thing -- force books on them when they're 3 months old -- so I signed up.

When I signed up, I had to pick 8 books right away. So I did. I just had to pay for shipping on them, which added up, but realistically, it was a good deal. That was when the confusion occurred. Ideally, it makes more sense that the books were sent to my sis's house. So when I gave them my shipping address, I gave them mine thinking I could redirect the shipment to her house later. Then I wanted to pay for the books, but it never gave me the chance until recently. I had no idea when I was even getting the darn books because they don't tell you that. I was just glad they "billed" me instead of charged my credit card because of what happened this week.

I got an email a few days ago stating that my books were being shipped to our address, but to unit 10. There is no unit 10 in our condo complex. I checked my account online, and it said Unit 10. I don't know if that was me (probably) or their system messed it up (probably not), but it wasn't good.

I called yesterday to see if they could notify the shipper of the error. This was my conversation. Mind you, this is for a kids book club. You'd think they'd be nice or something.

Me: Hi, I received notice that my shipment was being shipped [I had to pause on this one cause it sounded stupid], but the unit number is incorrect. Can this be fixed?

Mean Customer Service Lady who shouldn't be working at a children's book club of the month company ("MCSL"): Let's see, yes, we fixed that yesterday.

Me: Oh, so you notified the shipper of the error, then?

MCSL: Uh, no. It was shipped out already.

Me: So I won't get my package then?

MCSL: You could go to your local post office and let them know of the mistake so that they'll hold it for you.

[Me thinking, you're kidding, right?]

Me: So you sent it via USPS?

MCSL: Yes. So you should go talk to them.

Me: That's if they'd do that!

MCSL: If they were nice, they would.

Me: Okaaay....well, I guess that's it, then.

We hung up. At this point I was thanking my stars and moons that they didn't charge my credit card because there was no way I was going to pay for those books until I had them in hand.

So after some thinking about it, I decided I would call the post office and see what they had to say. You never know.

I called the 1-800 number, full well knowing that meant I wasn't going to talk to someone in my local post office, but what the hey.

Customer Service ("CS") chick who thinks she was smarter than myself: How can I help you?

Me: A package is being sent to my condo but it has the incorrect unit number on the address label. I called the company who sent the package to me, and they said I should contact you to see if anything can be done about it.

Pregnant pause.

CS: that again?


Me: blahblahblahalalalaghblallalalallala (same thing I wrote above).

CS in an annoyed voice like I'm some country bumpkin that fell out of the sky: Um, if your carrier knows you by name, you'll probably get it, but otherwise it'll be returned to shipper.

Me: So do you think if I actually went to my post office and asked them about it, that they could do something?

CS in a more annoyed voice like I must be "special" and why does she have to deal with me: Like I said, if you're carrier knows you by name...... (repeats her above statement).

Me: Okay, thanks. That's it then.

CS: ThankyouforcallingtheUSPS.

Now what do I do? I thought. My nephews were going to grow up illiterate and it's all my fault!!!!

I knew my sis was at my mom's that day, so I called and left a message saying that I know my mom's there and yet again she's not answering her phone and I wanted to talk to my sis anyway.

My sis called me back. I informed her that her boys would grow up illiterate and it's all my fault. That or I would get the stupid books in 3 months.

I'm now thinking I should have just gone to the bookstore and spent the same amount I'm being charged for shipping on some books.

So in a few years if you come across two really cute twins who can't read, you know whose fault that is.

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