Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm no dummy, I tell you.

It's got to take a pretty smart person to pull the wool over my eyes and trick me. I'm always suspicious of people. Rarely will you get my trust right off the bat. Especially when it comes to dealing with people on eBay.

I've been selling stuff on eBay for over 6 years. Currently I have something that everyone seems to want (you just never know with eBay), and it's now sold for over 30 bucks the last two auctions. At some point I'm going to over saturate the market by relisting this item one too many times (I have about 3 of them ready to sell). So last week when a bidder who didn't win the 2nd auction emailed me and complained about how they were so sad, and booo hooo, and would I be getting more, I told them maybe. Wasn't sure.

So I got more (I knew I was going to get more), put it up and even though it went against my normal selling rules, I emailed the bidder who didn't win and was so very sad to let her know I put another one up. She emailed me back saying if I put a "buy it now" for 20 bucks on the auction, she would buy it immediately.

Hmm....tough one. Not really. I wrote her back saying I'm letting the auction ride as-is and that I had an extra I would sell to her for 20 bucks, she just had to get back to me. Remember that last part there --- she had to get back to ME. No way was I going to send her an invoice for something without her permission first. That's just stupid and could very well put me in an awkward situation.

For instance, I send the invoice, don't hear from her, email her, don't hear from her, send a reminder, don't hear from her. Then 40 days pass and BAM! she pays it, and I've already sold the item because her lack of communication was doing nothing for me. Heck no, not going there.

So, as you probably guessed, I didn't hear a thing from her during the whole week. On the last day of the auction, she starts bidding on the item. The next morning I woke up to find she was out bid (again) and it sold for over thirty bucks. Many hours later I received an email for the loser (again) telling me she hasn't received the invoice WE AGREED ON yet, and when was I going to send it? Then she thanked me profusely for doing this for her, blah blah blah.

So you know what I did? Cause I'm no dummy? I ignored her. And later on when I get to it, I'm going to block her from bidding on my auctions. She can still email me through eBay, but she doesn't have my personal email address nor my paypal email address, and even if she did figure it out and sent me the 20 bucks, I'd just reject it.

Seems to be a case of should have taken the offer when presented to you. She could of had the stupid thing by now too. And now that I've gotten almost 100 bucks total for the three times I've listed this thing, I'm going to lay low for awhile, count my dollar bills and come up with the next money maker.

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