Friday, January 27, 2006


Remember the game Hangman? Where you draw a new piece of a person being strangled as your friend incorrectly guess letters in your "mystery" word? Well, I still like to play that when I find myself at places that allow you the freedom to draw on paper-covered table tops with crayons.

My husband and I were playing last night, and I put down three spaces for my mystery word. Then I pointed to it, and said, "This is my middle name." I was giving him a hint even though 3-letter words aren't too hard to figure out.

"Mad?" he said.

"Nooooo!" I said and then penalized him for using M, A, and D.

"Sad?" he said.

"NOOOOOO!! What's wrong with you?" I penalized him some more for the letter "S" and then pointed out A and D aren't not in the word.

He sat staring at the table, completely baffled, and then began listing off letters randomly. When that didn't work, he started at B and went up.

The word was "fun."

So now you know what he thinks of me.

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