Friday, January 27, 2006

By the grace of Jack...

Last night my husband and I were walking to our car after getting off the BART train in Fremont. We were coming back from a "date" night in Hayward where we crashed Electric Jesus' CD release party (not really crashed, but that sounds better than we were there and then they were there, and then they played their CD and tried to feed people stinky wieners in BBQ sauce, and I had a great idea of saying I was a reporter for Rolling Stone doing a piece on the East Bay indie scene if the lead singer came over and tried to chat us up (he already tried to force his stinky food on us, but we politely declined), to which my husband immediately shot down and said he wouldn't believe me because I look too young).

As we walked through the front, side parking lot, we both spotted the plastic bag on the ground at the same time. We both lunged for the plastic bag at the same time, but I had more determination on my side than my husband, and I slightly pushed him out of the way while I screamed in glee while I grabbed the plastic bag.

Oh yes. Jack the antenna ball found me again, but this time he was wearing his top hat and carrot nose and a big, wide, dotted smile.

I screamed in glee again, scared a man who was getting on his motorcycle, and repeatedly said, "my nose is a carrot," in a deep voice.

This morning my husband put him on my antenna for me. I can't wait to see what happens to this one. I think I'll document his slow decline if the condo cats decide that he is a tasty treat too.


For those of you who missed the exciting posts about my old Jack reindeer antenna ball that was slowly being eaten by the condo cats, please clickety click away here.

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