Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I've been duped!

Of course my mom never wants me to live in a happy fantasy world, so she sent me a link via e-mail regarding James Frey and his book A Million Little Pieces. I really like his book and reading about his struggles with addiction, so much so that I even wrote a little post about him looking like Dave Bazan.

Well, just like she did when she told me there was no Santa Claus (the reindeer bells I heard were our dogs' dog tags) and no Easter Bunny (the clumps of bunny hair I found when searching for my easter basket were clumps of dog hair), and no Tooth Fairy (which I have to admit I was glad to learn because I was so scared of the Tooth Fairy coming into my room to take my tooth from under my pillow that I sealed my tooth in an envelope and left it outside my closed door -- man, my parents lucked out with me), she broke the news to me that A Million Little Pieces is a work of nonfiction AND fiction.

You can read all about it on The Smoking Gun's web site.

This wouldn't all be so bad, but I recently received a gift certificate for Amazon for my bday (Happy Bday to me, I'm old) and I used some of my money to buy James Frey's newest book Conversations With Leonard. I almost got Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk, but for some reason, I decided to buy this since I hardly ever get to buy hardbacks of new books and at retail price. Darn that James Frey. Now when I'm reading his second book, I won't think, "Wow, he's been through so much and look at what fine guy he turned out to be," but, "liar! lies! cheat! you stole my gift certificate money!!!"

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