Friday, January 06, 2006

Being alone with my kitten

I've been left alone a lot lately with our kitten Zoe. Normally this is an okay thing. But Zoe has turned into a nightmare cat who purposely does things wrong in order to drive me crazy. At least that's my perception of the whole thing. She is often punished now by having to sit in my husband's room to think about her wrong-doings. Usually when I open the door to let her out, she's hunched up, staring at the door and ready to bolt.

I even went so far tonight to bungie cord two cat toy sticks with feathers and bells and other fun stuff to the cat condo. That was to distract her from trying to climb as high as she possibly could -- which in our place means to the ceiling. Thanks to the retro decor in our 80's condo we have this weird wooden display thing that really serves no purpose as far as I can see except for me to display my tile art. If it's not meant for that, then it's meant for putting mail behind the lovely wooden mini banister. Zoe has realized that if she's on the counter lip that hangs over from the kitchen area, she can jump up and grab hold of the first banister, and that just leads the way to the second banister, and that just means popcorn ceiling bits all over the floor. So I rigged up some cat funess, but all she did was stare at the feather things and meow.


So I changed the batteries in her battery mouse, hoping that would entertain her for a bit, but she soon decided the coffee table and the items on the coffee table were much, much more interesting. All the while she was knocking things off of it, she was meowing, meowing, meowing.

Then she made her way to the couches, which she thinks are scratching posts even though she has two scratching posts (one rug, one sisal), a rugged cat condo and a floor scratcher thing. She scratches, I yell "ZOE!!!!," she stares at me and meows.

Then she moves onto the next couch.

I love her to death, but she's going to put me in the looney bin if I have to be alone as often. Don't cats get old at some point??

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