Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The best thing ever happened to me today

Everyone likes making new friends. Especially friends that are colorful and cheerful and happy to see you. So much so that they even sing to you! Yes, we all wish this could happen every day, but alas, these types of friends are rare.

And no, I didn't go crazy and think my jack in the box antenna ball started singing to me.

I was walking back from my most favorite place in the whole world (kinkos) with my "friend" (code word for co-worker), when I spotted the balloon floating around 2nd street. It was tied to one of those hunking plastic things that weigh the balloon down. It was a fantastic sight to behold, so I ran back up the street to take a picture with my new camera phone.

Even though neither of my phones work right now, the camera on my camera phone works just fine. I'm almost tempted to pay the 40 bucks a month just so I can take random pictures whenever I want and never be bothered with another phone call again. But then I realized today that you can't do anything with the pictures except send them to someone. And, well, since my phone doesn't work....I can't do anything with it. Unless someone knows something different?

Anyway, I ran up the street, all the while trying to get a good shot of the balloon fluttering between cars. It moved up the street, then back down, and then slowly made its way to me and stopped. It was fate.

That was when I heard it singing to me. How fantastic is that? A singing balloon! Who knew? It was singing "Happy Birthday to you!!" And even though it wasn't my birthday, I was still darn pleased that it cared so much.

So I grabbed the balloon and met up with my "friend." Halfway back to the "hang out spot" (code word for: work), I declared that this balloon was probably the worst thing I could get my hands on. I really wanted to take it upstairs, but I knew I would constantly make it sing, so I figured I should strap it down somewhere.

We have an art gallery near our "hang out place," and I contemplated strapping it to one of the sculptures outside (which, by the way, have never been tagged and I'm still amazed about that), but I figured that wasn't very nice. So I tied it loosely to a pole (as I knew someone would want to take this fantastic balloon away and share with others) and took a picture of it with my camera phone. And I would post that picture with this blog entry, but since my phone doesn't work as a phone and only as a camera, I cant.

As a side story to the cruelty of having a camera but no working phone, I tried to take a picture of a man driving a van behind me who was having a grand time picking his nose and looking at what came out. I did take the picture, but you can only see my eye and a white blob behind me. And again, I can't share it, because my phone doesn't work.

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