Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My niece

I spent some more time with my niece this past Sunday. We had a fun time making clay critters. I realized that I really can't make anything from memory, but I'm really good at copying things. I said this to her before, and she informed me of this when I decided making clay critters was getting too difficult for me.

But I made a ladybug and a red-eyed tree frog, and helped make eyes for her monkey and dog.

Then we had my sis put them in the oven to bake so they'd be hard and last forever.

Let's just say that baking clay critters wasn't the best idea, and it looked like we used black clay instead of different colors.

To top off the visit, I regressed to being a kid again, which really isn't that hard for me, and we both lip synched to Hillary Duff tunes while dancing. (Note: I only know one Hillary Duff song because of Laguna Beach on MTV -- although I do enjoy watching her TV show and I saw one of her movies while in Boston -- she's so typically typical that you can't help but like her to some extent.)

To this day I'm still wondering why my niece has Linkin' Park on her iPOD shuffle, but that's something I'll have to bring up to her dad next time I see him.

It was a good visit. She's a very cool kid. And she likes Snicklesnorts AKA Blueberry.

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