Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Just a few complaints

1. I miss my home. I'm not home much now. I like being home. Home is good. My cats don't know who I am. Zoe is yelling at me right now.

2. I'm tired of taking BART at odd times. I like my routine. Routine is good. Places to sit on BART is good too.

3. The secret eater that lives across from us is now the stinky stinker secret eater. He's decreasing our condo value by wandering the halls, emitting his musty, dusty, icky, disgusting stink all over the place.

4. I miss making jewelry. I have no time to make jewelry. I have plans. I can't work on those plans. Why? Cause I'm not home. I'm on BART at odd hours. And when I get home, the stinky stinker secret eater has just passed our door and his stink has killed all my sensibilities.

5. I'm tired. But I think that's my fault because I double-upped on my "shut my brain down" medicine. I take this at night. So I can sleep. Apparently taking two makes you comatose until about 5pm the next day. Good thing I figured that one out.

6. I hate taking classes. I love learning, but having to sit in a class for hours upon hours upon hours and listen to really smart people not get the difference between an active voice and passive voice, a fact and a concept, a process and a procedure -- well, it's just a bit too much for me, and I started rearing my ugly head today because yesterday I was in a coma until about 5pm and so I couldn't begin then, and by tomorrow, I'll be taking over the class or sneaking out.

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