Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This week

I haven't written much because of two things:

1. My schedule being completely changed and moved around because of my hubby's new job (we're still working out the kinks of having to be in the same city at almost the same time).

2. I'm in training all this week learning how to train. The most exciting thing that happened to me today was that I was an hour early to my class because of poor timing, and so I stood in front of the building while drinking my venti coffee from Starbucks and listening to all the Eastern European people talk while going inside the building. I have never seen/heard so many Eastern European people in my life. And, while I try not to stereotype as much as possible, they all dressed like they shopped at the Salvation Army, had terrible hair (very blow-dried out and straw-like), wore the ugliest, brightest high heeled shoes and smoked like chimneys. And if you watch any shows featuring Eastern European women (aka mail order brides from Russia), then you kinda know what I'm talking about but don't really want to admit to it because then that means you tend to stereotype as well.

Later I found out they were all computer programmers from Russia, which piqued my interest even more because in the last 5 years there has been such an influx of Indian folk coming to the USA to take over the computer programming / engineering jobs. Who knew there were a breed of Russian computer nerds out there who now live in the US but still don't have a sense of fashion? Oh, excuse me, unlike with Indian folk, most of the Russian computer nerds seem to be women.

Since I'll probably find myself standing in front of the building the rest of the week, passing the time because I can't be on time for the life of me and am always early, I'll have to use my keen sense of investigative powers to figure out 1. why they are here and who they work for, and 2. where they shop.

Oh, and who tortures their hair so much so I don't go there.

I heard a Russian mob has been stealing debit card numbers from Staples or Office Max or Office Depot.... Perhaps their headquarters is where I'm being trained on how to train....

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