Monday, March 13, 2006


My laptop died early Friday morning.

I knew it was coming.

At some point my laptop refused to stay on standby. I have this bad habit of turning it on and never turning it off, and I generally cart it around with me around wherever I am (first apartment, then condo), so I used standby more often than maybe I should have, and it just stopped working. It would turn itself back on and run all day and all night for no one. Really, I believe I could have eliminated this if I just demonstrated some patience and let my laptop go to standby all the way, but I have no patience, so I usually just pushed the button and then closed her up.

Then my internet connection died, resurfaced, and died again. So I bought a PC Card and all was okay in the world again. Then then one day I realized I had my connection while not using my PC Card. So yeah, that whole situation was hit or miss.

Then the screws holding the screen to the body of my laptop sorta popped off. Something was still holding the screen on, but I had to get it in that "right" spot otherwise the screen would flop down onto whatever surface I was using to lay my laptop on. I asked my dad to look at it, and he said, like a prophet, "That doesn't sound good, but okay."

Eventually he did look at it, but I can't remember what he said. Probably there was no hope, and when whatever was holding it together decided to pop off, then that would be it for my poor laptop.

And finally, my laptop started refusing to get out of standby mode whenever it would go into it. This started happening several times a day. I would have to shut down my laptop the "incorrect" way and let it restart. I would sometimes get this weird blue background message saying something about windows not shutting down correctly, watch out, she's going to blow....But what the heck was I going to do about it?

And so Friday arrived, my laptop wouldn't come out of standby, I shut her down, restarted, and BAM. Blue screen forever. Seems windows can't start, no matter which option I pick.

I ordered my new laptop from Dell, thanks to some advice received from a friend. My husband was pushing Dell on me from the beginning, and I'm the type that doesn't like to wait, so I almost bought an HP instead. Then I realized the benefits of customization, and now that I've had a laptop for a few years, I knew what I did and didn't want.

The only sad thing is that my life is stuck on my old laptop, and I'm hoping my friend can do something about that when my new laptop shows up.

Keep your fingers/toes crosses.

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