Sunday, March 19, 2006

Match made in heaven?

I find it very baffling that my husband and I met each other, withstood a million different things that just happen in life but for a long time seemed to happen more often to us than to anyone else (and while we were both young and stupid and naive and green and didn't really know where we were going in life -- kids, take your time -- no rushing!), and got married and stayed married (almost 7 years weird).

But when it comes down to it, we are two peas in a very procrastinating pod, he more so than I.

We have bought a ton of stuff for our condo to help with my 2006 condo beautification plan. We are basically in the position where we can redo our guest bathroom, including new paint (bought yesterday, thank you very much), but as of today, we haven't done a thing. Except buy all the stuff, and even that was a chore when it came down to it.

Is it lack of motivation? We're too busy? I'm not as annoying of a wife as I used to be?

I'm thinking I have a point with the annoying part, because I only mentioned one time to him yesterday, and it was in a soft voice, "You could still put up our mirror...," which was ignored. What mirror? you may be thinking. Oh, a mirror I bought at the end of January. And it's still leaning against our bed. It's supposed to go in the dining area.

The first roadblock (as I like to call them) was that my hubby needed a "stud finder." I declared myself the best stud finder since I always seem to find them without really trying, but he said that wasn't enough. So we bought one at Target. And I thought he'd go home, find them studs (I already did the hard part and measured where the nails should be nailed) and bang, bang, bang -- mirror! But nope. That was not in my hubby's plans.

The package just sat on the counter for a few weeks. Then got moved somewhere else. Sorta like the replacement toilet flusher parts we bought when we first moved -- they're still under the bathroom sink, packaging just like new. Luckily my dad intervened on that one a couple of months ago (he bought his own flusher replacements for us -- and the first one is still sitting under the sinks), and now the guest toilet flushes like a dream.

I don't even know where the stud finder is at this point because my hubby "squirreled" all our recently purchased items away. And when he does that, I tend to forget about the stuff because I can't see it. I need constant reminders that things need to be taken care of. Like piling dishes in the sink -- I know the dishes need to be taken care of. But if you squirrel away all our newly purchased items, then it's like they never existed and nothing gets done.

He even squirreled away some books and a calendar I bought at SFMOMA. One day I opened our coat closet and saw the bag, and thought to myself, "hey.....that's where they are!"

I digress. My original point is that this would drive most people crazy, yet we are very similar in this respect, and we found each other in this crazy world and so nothing ever gets done until one of us gets really motivated to get things done. Or if we invite someone over. Even if they're in the condo for 5 minutes - we like to live in a facade of cleanliness. Each weekend I declare Saturday the "home improvement" day, and each weekend Saturday comes and goes with us getting a late start on everything and by the time we get back home from errands it's like 4 or 5 pm. Who wants to tear apart a bathroom then?

This weekend was no different. We did the one thing we should have just done last weekend, bought the paint for the bathroom, but we came home and watched TV the rest of the night with bouts of annoyances over hotel picks in London. Our condo can fall apart around us, by golly! We have better things to attend to.

I thought maybe today we'd do something, but my husband already decided he wanted to go to his old work and sell CDs and buy stuff and then go grocery shopping.

I'm just wondering when the bathrooms will get their weekly cleaning. And who's going to make dinner? And how much does it cost to hire a handy man?

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