Thursday, March 09, 2006


There is this guy on the 4:15pm Fremont train that falls asleep and snores incessantly. It's really bad. And at some point, he knows when to stretch himself out with his legs propped up on another bench. He doesn't actually wake up to do this -- he just knows.

Now that I take BART home with my hubby, I can freely laugh at him. See, when you're alone on BART, you can't really laugh at people by yourself. Even if you know that everyone else wants to laugh at the person too. Because that makes you look a little nutty. Now, if you catch someone else's eye and see them smiling, you can turn that into a moment and laugh. Hopefully that person will laugh with you.

So the positive of having your hubby on BART with you is that you can laugh and laugh, and even if the guy wakes up and realizes you're laughing at him, your hubby can pop him one in the face. But the guy never wakes up. So that will never happen.

Yesterday I was laughing because by the time we got to Fremont, the guy was making quite the racket with his snoring. My free laughing made the guy across from us laugh because it was totally bizarre. Then I noticed others near Mr. Snorey were beginning to laugh.

And the really sad part about this? The guy takes the train home with his mom. She never really sits near him, but she wakes him up and gets him off the train. How'd you like to be that sort of mom?

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