Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Te he llamado por tu nobre. Tu eres mio.

Whatever that means. It's from the bible, that's all I know.

You know how I've mentioned getting phone calls from people who ask for me and speak in Spanish, well, it certainly doesn't stop there. I am now getting more and more mail that's addressed to me, is in Spanish and is religious. I don't speak Spanish nor am I religious, especially Catholic, so I find this all very baffling.

A month or two ago I received a poster of Jesus in the mail, and if you stared at it long enough, you'd see some miracle thing happen (kinda like those posters you'd stare at and then finally see an image). After you saw the miracle, you're supposed to flip the poster over and kneel on it and pray. A poster and a prayer rug! Oh joy.

Yesterday I received a correspondence from the Priests of The Sacred Heart Monastery in Wisconsin. It was all in Spanish, with the above title/quote written on the top. My husband, who does speak Spanish, read the quote to me, and I asked who it was addressed to, even though I knew it was me. I was correct.

But it doesn't stop there. Oh no. Now I'm getting real fancy gifts. I now have my very own "La Familia Zarate" key chain with Jesus and his sacred heart on it. I always wanted mi familia to be recognized in such a splendid fashion, and well, Beato Padre Leo John Dehon, the founder of Priests of The Sacred Heart Monastery in Wisconsin, has allowed this wish to happen.

I don't even know what "Dios bendiga" means, but I know it's something real nice and religiousy.
I wonder what's next? I mean, I wouldn't mind giving money to save some Spanish-speaking kitties. Maybe even adopt a few.

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