Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sad day in antenna ball history

My husband and I were walking past my car in our parking lot, heading towards the gate to get into our condo complex. I took a glance at my car to see if any new marks or dents have been added to its fine physique.


"WHAT!?" my husband exclaimed. He really hates it when I just yell out of nowhere. Especially in the car. When he's driving.

"Look at my car! Look what's missing!"

My Jack in the Box antenna ball was missing.

Why must there be such evil in the world? I know he didn't fall off on his own. I know the condo cats didn't eat him because I periodically inspected him for bite marks. This only means some mean person took him from my antenna and called him his/her own.

It really makes me wonder what kind of life my car is leading when I'm not around because a week or two ago I noticed my tire was marked. Like it was parked in a spot with limited parking time. And if that did happen, I certainly wasn't there, so I just wonder what it's doing while I'm at work. Maybe I should enroll my car in a self-defense class so people will keep their paws off of it.

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